Off to London….

No distance or place or lapse of time
can lesson the friendship of those
who are thoroughly persuaded
of each other’s worth.
~Robert Southey~ 

One of my oldest (not in age – she’s ten years younger than me!) and dearest friends is moving to London with her love, and our new friend, Tom.  Steph and I have lived in different cities for many years of our friendship but never quite this far away, so I have to say, I’m more than a wee bit disconcerted about this move.  But that being said, I am so excited for Stephanie and Tom as this is going to be a great adventure for them, and although it’s a little further to travel, we will be visiting them in their new home in the not-too-distant future to share a small part of their adventure.

We gathered Saturday to say goodbye – for now.  As usual it was an evening of delicious food, stimulating  conversation, laughter and love.

It was a bittersweet time for me because I’m going to miss Steph so very much, but am delighted for her because this move will open many doors for her – doors to new adventures and opportunities.  Knowing Steph as I do, I am confident she will embrace this new life with open arms – this is a woman who lives life fully and with exuberance!  I am grateful beyond words for our 32 year friendship and all that we have shared, and all the ways in which we have grown for knowing each other.  And the story continues……

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One Response to Off to London….

  1. Betsy says:

    Yes she is a wonderful person and I can see why you are going to miss her. Great photo memories!

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