Our Adventure nears the End


The sheep were our neighbors last night. We pulled up to shore to dock for the night and because we weren’t in a port the stars were amazing!


The sun setting on the canal.


The morning sky.

The photos are taking too long to upload, so I will close now because it’s time to get dinner to the next step. Lots more adventure to follow. Emily and Jeff if you’re following along with us, stay tuned for your cameo appearance. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your honeymoon. We’re happy we met you.

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3 Responses to Our Adventure nears the End

  1. Barbara Beale says:

    Love the colours, light and shadows in all the photos. So glad you have a great camera to share all of this with us. Enjoy Paris – safe trip home. Love, BB

  2. As all good things, this comes to an end, but just until the next adventure begins….which could happen tomorrow. we’ll stay tuned!

  3. Kim George says:

    I have so enjoyed the pictures and stories from your trip – what a fabulous trip for all of you!

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