Red Boots

I took this photo on one of my afternoon walks with Bella and Hannah.  The skies were gray, the air was damp with a steady drizzle of rain.  As it was a drab day there weren’t many colorful photo ops, other than a few piles of  leaves that hadn’t yet lost their color, so this is one of the shots I took.

As I looked down at my shoes that day, I realized I had purchased them seven years ago and walked many, many miles in them – along the seawall in Vancouver, hiking in Sante Fe, along the ocean shores in La Jolla…… walks taken with Eddie and the girls,  with friends and family, meditative walks –  countless good memories.  I recalled the day I bought them when on a post-chemo shopping trip with my friend Barb.  She often drove me to the Cancer Agency and sat with me for three hours while I was hooked up to my chemo cocktail.   You should know that Barb HATES needles, even when they are not going into her body, so this gives you an idea of just what an amazing friend she is to me.  Believe it or not, we enjoyed our time there.  The nurses were wonderful and we often met and chatted with other patients in the room  –  stories shared, hearts touched.  After we left we would go to one of our favorite cafes for a bite to eat, and then head off somewhere for a shopping adventure.  This was the time during my treatment cycle when I had the most energy because it had been three weeks since my last treatment which meant my white blood cells were up and working again, and one of the drugs in my cocktail was a steroid that pumped up my energy (and stimulated my appetite) for a short time.  I took full advantage of this time.  We had fun.  In spite of what I was going through during that chapter of my life, I can say “life was good!”

Isn’t it interesting how one glimpse at a pair of shoes took me down memory lane – to flashbacks which made me realize just how blessed I am and how much I have to be grateful for:  supportive and loving friends and family, a return to good health, and a good pair of boots that continue to comfortably support my feet as I keep walking through this amazing life I live…..

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2 Responses to Red Boots

  1. Barbara Beale says:

    Some women wear red hats – you weart red boots!! As awful as those days were, they had amazing moments. I still wonder about some of the people we met while you were there and pray that they were as fortunate as you. Love you! BB

  2. suellen1234 says:

    Looking back at that time in my life deepens my gratitude for the friends who supported me in so many different ways through that chapter of my life. And, it makes me so very thankful for the mobility I have – for the ability to walk through this life I live now – with my friends beside me whether in person or in spirit. I am blessed with your friendship and and look forward to what’s next as we journey together into the unknown….

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