Night Magic

One of the reasons we wanted to experience Sante Fe at Christmas time was the Farolit0 Walk, a beloved holiday tradition since the late 1970’s.  The walk takes place on Christmas Eve down the main streets of Canyon Road and Acequia Madre, along cozy alleyways and meandering side streets.  The streets are lit by thousands of small paper bags filled with sand and votive candles.  The gallery walls and private gardens are also lit with the farolitos.

Canyon Road was filled with thousands of people moving slowly en masse, shoulder to shoulder, keeping each other warm on the cold, crisp winter night.   Although you might think the crowds would detract from the experience, it was not the case; rather, it was enhanced  as throngs of people  strolled peacefully, side by side, singing Christmas carols and enjoying the beauty and the magic of the evening.

Along the way, there are small bonfires of pinon wood giving off the most wonderful scent, with  people huddled around to get warm and sing carols.

The clear night’s sky was loaded with bright stars and every once in a while you could see a “flying farolito” sailing through the sky like a comet.  The “flying farolitos” are hot-air balloons launched by a German-born solar system installer, Arvo Thomson.

Many of the galleries were open serving hot apple cider and cookies and a few of them had live entertainment.  It was lovely to step inside, enjoy the music, look at the beautiful art, warm up, and feel the loving energy that filled the space.

Magic is not a practice.  It is a living, breathing
web of energy that, with our permission can
encase our every action.

~Dorothy Morrison~

Have a magical day!

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3 Responses to Night Magic

  1. Barbara Beale says:

    Fairy tale wonderland!

  2. Betsy says:

    Looks like it was lots of fun!!!

  3. Oh! definitely worth the effort to find this one. The photos say it all. I could smell the pinon pine. Did i ever tell you that that is my FAVORITE aroma? it reminds me of our x country trip 15 years ago. I am almost thru the little pack of incense i bought when we were in Taos. Time to go back and buy more!
    Thinking of booking a trip to Taos again this Spring. LEt’s talk about that on Tues. night.
    Love you

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