Make Art

The process of making art is
as valuable as the art itself.

~Yoko Ono~

The object isn’t to make art, it’s
to be in that wonderful state
which makes art inevitable.

~Robert Henri~

Create art daily
Just do what you love to do
 Maybe write haiku?

You don’t have to consider yourself an “artist” to create art.  You can buy a box of crayons, colored pencils, a set of water colors, or pick up your camera; and then call your inner child/artist out to play.  If you can’t wait to get started and don’t have the materials at hand, you could sit down with pen and paper and write haiku.  Here’s a note of caution – don’t invite your inner critic into the sandbox, as she may squelch your creativity and enjoyment.


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One Response to Make Art

  1. Suellie, you are just one surprise after another! What a gift to be seen in the eyes of one who really sees us. For me, that is you.

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