A Soul-Full Life

We all seek soul.  While soul is always
present, it doesn’t appear in our lives
automatically.  Soul requires our
attention and reflection.
Offering our respectful regard to
soul is a way of loving, caring
for it, nurturing it.

~Benjamin Shield & Richard Carlson~

I think that whenever your soul is present,
it’s because what you’re doing, whom
you’re with, where you are, evokes love
without your thinking about it.  You
are totally absorbed in the place or
person or event, without ego
and without judgement.

~Jean Shinoda Bolen~

To touch the soul of another
human being is to walk
on holy ground.

~Stephen Covey~

Trust the process of the subtle push toward
art and creative expression from inside you –
it is the gentle call of your heart and renewed
search for soul.  It is an opening to expansion
of your expressive abilities and the discovery
of hidden limitations ready to be challenged.
Be open to what it means, it has many
possibilities for action in every part of
your life.  Ultimately it will lead to
significant personal changes –
to living life in a new way with
new tools of creative expression.

~Donald Williams Mathews~

 To walk the path of a soulful life isn’t always easy for me.  Some days I get detoured by the noise of the world and don’t stop to check in with my intuitive voice – don’t take the time to get still and listen to my heart.   Since our return from New Mexico almost two weeks ago the skies in the Pacific Northwest have been mostly gray and temperatures cold.  Those of you who follow my blog know that the weather often effects my mood, (lack of light is one of the reasons we’re moving to New Mexico) and I’m here to tell you that the  heavy gray skies have taken their toll.  For the last two days I have not been able to get the spark of my inner fire ignited and was definitely not offering “respectful regard” to my soul.

Waking up to bright sunshine this morning has made all the difference – I’m back on track.  Unfortunately this might just be the only sun we see for the next four days, and that is all the more reason for me to nurture and care for my soul today – embrace the day, love it,  live it fully, express myself creatively, stay present to the mystery, pay attention to what matters – and then do the same thing tomorrow, the next day, the day after that . . . .  I realize that caring for my soul is an art and it takes practice,  just like caring for my body, so I will continue to exercise my soul, feed it creatively, and carry on the path of a soulful life.

Don’t die with your music(stories/talents)
still inside you.  Listen to your intuitive
inner voice and find what
passion stirs your soul.

~Wayne Dyer~



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3 Responses to A Soul-Full Life

  1. Don’t you know , You are the sun! wherever you go, the light that is you shines out! I see that light in you when the skies are gray, when you are blue, you always shine through. It’s true. Trust me!

  2. eof737 says:

    These are beautiful pictures… Hope your day and year remain soulful.

  3. Tammy Valentino says:

    AH SE Eggs is so on track YOU are light!!! Let it shine let it shine sister XXX

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