Be Here Now

Equanimity:  a state of stability or composure from a deep awareness and acceptance of the present moment.

feeling at one with the world
amidst the chaos

being happy and peaceful
dropping the drama

infused with serenity
my body lets go 

dogs are the masters of it
living in the NOW 

Once again I’m inviting you to write a haiku poem and post it on this blog.  If you have never written one, I promise you, it’s easy and fun.  I follow the 5/7/5 syllable form because it gives me a structure to work  in and it’s a good challenge.  Although my haiku is a far cry from the traditional form, I love creating it, and therefore, don’t worry that it’s not “proper” haiku.  I think it’s like tweeting (which I’ve never done) in that you have to express yourself with a minimum of words.


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4 Responses to Be Here Now

  1. This is too funny. I just sent off an e mail to you and then your post popped into my inbox!!! Such connection!
    I love Betsy’s yard and gardens. They are beautiful
    Just reread Mark Nepo,s day, June 23rd. It’s a big one for me…check it out

  2. Betty & Norm says:

    You’ve been describing Betsy and Steve’s home and yard to me for many years, it’s nice to see actual pictures. It’s a reflection of how I see Betsy and Steve … calm and inviting. Will send an email with more news later.
    xo to you and the Wisconsin family,

  3. suellen1234 says:

    It’s so peaceful and entertaining to sit on the porch in the morning, or any time, and watch all the colorful birds, chipmunks and bunny rabbits.

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