Words I Needed to Hear Today

Seattle Sunrise

The most difficult times for many
many of us are the ones we give ourselves.

Lake Michigan

Rejoicing in ordinary things is not
sentimental or trite.  It actually takes
guts.  Each time we drop our complaints
and allow every day good fortune to inspire
us, we enter the warrior’s world.

Marina, Racine, WI

The more we witness our emotional
reactions and understand how they
work, the easier it is to refrain.

Backyard serenity

If someone comes along and shoots an
arrow into your heart, it’s fruitless to
stand and yell at the person.  It would
be much better to turn your attention
to the fact that there’s
an arrow in your heart.

My role model for letting go.

This morning I needed some words of wisdom to ground me before heading into what will be an emotional day, a day that has the potential  to be stressful.  My 91-year-old mother is moving into an assisted living facility, and although it is a wonderful environment, it is a big change for her and a difficult move.  She is moving from a two-bedroom apartment into one room, and has to give up her cat.  Fortunately my sister will be adding Kitty to her family now.  Betsy and I are busy getting things organized and our plan is to make this room a cozy and beautiful living space.  Because there are so many activities for her to take part in, we believe that once she gets settled in she will make new friends and be out playing, not spending long hours alone in her room.  We love her and want what we feel is the best for her, but unfortunately mothers don’t always agree with their daughters.  I’ll give her credit, after some drama, she is coming around to the fact that she needs a little more help now that she’s in her 90’s, and recognizes, reluctantly, that many positive opportunities await her.

All of today’s quotes are words of Pema Chodron who I can count on for inspiration when I am going through a difficult time.




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9 Responses to Words I Needed to Hear Today

  1. deelitefulltoo says:

    Just returned from a visit with family and some special one to one time with one of my children . . you express the joy of the things we were being allowed to experience. . .love you, Dee

  2. Barbara Beale says:

    Wish I could share with your Mom how much happier my Dad is now and he is nowhere near as social as Connie. It’s the right decision, just a huge transition. Love you all and thinking about you. BB

  3. yogaleigh says:

    Reblogged this on Notes from the Bluegrass and commented:
    I’m mainly reblogging for the arrow in your heart quote which is so on but it’s all good.

  4. MindMindful says:

    Pema is certainly there for us, when we need uplifting & wisdom, isn’t she? What a gift. And a nice collection of inspiration:)

    I wish your mother the best that can be

  5. eof737 says:

    Wishing your mom a happy move… All will be well.😉

  6. Hoping all goes well with the transition.


  7. With Betsy and you and the helm, i know your mom will be transported to a new and lovely place. She may not find it easy at first, but remember, you can’t make her happy, you can just make sure she is safe and surrounded by community. Hopefully, if she’s anything like you, she will be swarmed by loving friends. you and Betsy are doing an amazing job…take yourselves out for a treat!

  8. Inspirational and timely. Thanks. Every little bit helps.

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